I'm Damo, i'm an advertising creative. I'm 80% Art Director, 30% Copywriter. In a former life I had a grown up job working with numbers for a bank. When they discovered I couldn't add up I discovered advertising.  I wrote some other sensible stuff but deleted it and wrote ten facts about me instead.

Fact #1:
I worked for a bank for 11 years

I never had a day like this, but it explains why i got in to advertising late.



Fact #2 :
I show this video to everyone

It's pretty inappropriate but worth a look.
The drug deal scene is the best.

Time poor? Jump to 1 minute in.


Fact #3:
I saved NAB $1 Billion

Well not just me. The last project I worked on in the corporate world saved NAB close to $1 Billion over ten years. It used some clever use of stats and financial regulations. I can't take all the credit but buy me a beer and I'll tell you how my stats team and 30 tech guys did it.


Fact #4:

... in the opening ceremony,
... as a bird puppeteer.


FACT #5:
I have a statistics degree.

It's actually an Economics & Econometrics degree but no one knows what Econometrics is. Stupidly I started a degree in Economics and Law but quickly realised I had no idea what I was doing. Surprisingly I used my degree in my first job as a forecaster ... it was for a call centre not the weather. These days I'd be given a cool wanky title like Data Scientist.


Fact #6:
My guilty pleasure TV show is the apprentice.

The Apprentice is the UK's finest collection of business "brains". Out of curiosity I applied for the show once but couldn't make the audition, it was in Manchester... I was in Melbourne.

If i'd made it through I'd planned to say on the first night in the house

"Remember this is a TV show guys, half of us are in the house because we have talent, the other half are fuckwits but make great TV. Which half are you?"

Perhaps asking for trouble but hopefully entertaining.


Fact #7 :
I used to write a comic book

It was called "the Marshal", it was a story about a futuristic crime fighter who was on a mission to save a scientists brain. Ok I was only 12 but it was my first experience of working with a creative partner. I was the writer and my mate Tommy Evans was the Art Director. I went on to do corporate stuff and he went on to be a hip hop artist.


Fact #8 :
I was in a film with Rik Mayal

As a kid I wanted to be an actor and some how I ended up in this fun low budget movie.
Check me out at 4 minutes 45.


FACT #9 : 
I made this video to get into award school

The brief was for a headache pill that cures the worst headache. I still can't believe I did AWARD school twice.



FACT #10 : 
Derren Brown is my man crush

If you've not seen Derren Brown he's the closest thing to a Jedi knight, just see what he does to these guys in the ad industry.


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