101 tips

I lost my job as a creative in 2014. Redundancies happen but the thing I realised was there were a heap of things I could have done to ensure I was in the keep pile. I thought this would make an entertaining book of advice. And  although "Hey Whipple squeeze this" is a great read, I wanted to do something a little more digestible.

Some of the tips are useful and some are just observations.

#1 Bang out ideas for clients your not working on. 
#2 Show your personality and be memorable, be known for something creative outside of advertising.
#3 Don't brag until you really really really deserve to, and even then don't.
#4 Volunteer to do any one's leaving card, it shows your creativity.
#5 Answer the brief but don't stop there.
#6 Show your ideas as if it were a performance.