Hertz young renters

When Hertz dropped their younger renters fee we reminded Australians, 
that people can be reckless at any age

This project shows the suggested strategy from the client and then a more appropriate strategy that we suggested.
Hertz wanted to promote dropping the excess premium they charge to young renters under 25. 

The client suggested a campaign that associated young people having fun with Hertz. They wanted a competition that
linked young people with young pursuits such as going to music festivals. A competition would be used to garner attention.

Why this isn’t the right strategy

The key message that the young renters fee has been dropped, isn't obvious. The focus of the ad is the competition.
People may leave the landing page and never realise the message was actually that it’s now cheaper to rent. 

The human truth is that Hertz is no longer punishing younger drivers for being young. Bad drivers come in all ages and indeed some drivers develop poor habits as they get more experienced. Therefore the strategy is simple, show people can be reckless at any age. In short Hertz acknowledges older people are no less risky, so we no longer discriminating against the young.