I heard an interview with Rory Reid the other day. Don't know him? You will do soon. Well probably, depends if you watch Top Gear. Rory is a radio presenter and applied to be on the show. In the interview he told us of his long series of auditions and the obligatory driving-a-fast-car-while-talking-to-camera screen tests. After all of this he got a call. To tell him he was unsuccessful. He was understandably gutted. So he went out and made this video. He made it to demonstrate to himself and the world he thought he was the right person for the job. that he had something no one else had and they had made a mistake.

He sent it to them and said when you get a chance have a look. They next day they called him back to offer him the job.

Watch the video and you realise how different he is to anyone else that's been on the show.  He stood out. and he offered something no-one else did. Just a reminder to all of us... especially for those in advertising or marketing.