Many years ago I was wandering around the NGV book shop and bought George Lois's book "Damn Good Advice". I loved it and wanted more so hunted out and found the Future of Advertising podcast by Dave Birrs. A talented broadcaster and creative director.

I credit this podcast to sparking my decision to move from being a designer to being an advertising creative.

Dave interviews many of the ad industries creative heavy weights. He's no Paxman, he lets them tell their compelling story of finding their creative way. Some are opinionated (actually many, but in a good way) and some have  shrewd life lessons to share. 

If you want a fast track induction into the power of advertising to create people who "Think Different" and don't accept convention, then I gently nudge you in the ribs with a knowing wink  and encourage you to let these podcasts into your earholes.

All work copyright Dave Birrs