Two explorers are walking in the jungle. They come to a clearing, where they see a tiger. The tiger snarls and starts to approach them. Quickly, one of the explorers digs into his pack, pulls out running shoes, and starts putting them on. The other explorer looks at him quizzically and says,
“Surely you don’t think you can outrun a tiger?” 
"I don't need to outrun the tiger, I just need to outrun you"

This is an example of taking a problem you can't solve and and changing it to a problem you can solve. This is Predatory Thinking, and this is what Dave Trott is an expert in. 

When I talk to people and say advertising thinking will save the world, they look at me like i'm some right wing capitalist obsessive. I forget that people haven't spent years listening to talks and reading books by Dave Trott. He's an advertising creative director but first and foremost he's a simple thinker who solves problems without taking on board pre existing or lazy thinking.

I'm using my blog to showcase some of the great thinkers in my industry and he's #1 on my list. What he has to say will help any business. You don't need to watch, just have it on in the background while you do some important mouse wiggling.

If you want to read some of his wisdom check his blogs at

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