This is an excerpt from a longer Steve Jobs quote about creativity. In essence no idea is original, it's just a joining of two things to create something new.

Whether you're in advertising or any industry where you have to solve problems it's important to fill your head with stimulation. Things to join with other things. Building blocks for creativity. Whether useful facts or weird bits of human truth.

Some people read, some people check out art galleries, I listen to Danny Baker. The god father of peculiar human truths. On his radio show it's common to hear the phone-in topics as random as "Who's the most famous person you've met in the rest room" or "Have you ever had to hide as an adult?".

Perhaps not accessible to all,  the answers these elicit tell you a lot about the minutia of human existence.  As a creative these spark colourful new thinking and as a minimum, break the silence when your partner has a creative block.

Check his podcast out below,


Or listen to an interview he did last year with comedian Richard Herring.